Using Remix


This tutorial will show you how to compile and deploy an existing smart contract using Remix.

Remix IDE is a no-setup smart contract development tool with a GUI. Beginners and experts alike will benefit from Remix. Remix plays well with other tools, and allows for a simple deployment process to the chain of your choice. The Remix Project also can serve as a learning lab for teaching and experimenting with EVM-compatible chains.


  • Install Metamask

  • Configure DoCoin Community Chain Testnet on Metamask

  • Get Testnet token

What you will do

  • Create a file on Remix

  • Upload or code the smart contract to the IDE

  • Compile the smart contract

  • Connect the application to DCC Testnet via Metamask

  • Deploy the smart contract

  • Verify the smart contract

Getting started with Remix IDE

To start building a smart contract, click on New File and name it as HelloWorld.sol.

Writing smart contract

Copy the code given below to HelloWorld.sol file

// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
// Specifies that the source code is for a version
// of Solidity greater than 0.8.15
pragma solidity ^0.8.15;

contract HelloWorld {

    // A publicly accessible function that takes a string as a parameter
    // and echoes the `message`
    function echo(string memory message) public pure returns (string memory) {
        return message;

The first line, pragma solidity ^0.8.15 specifies that the source code is for a Solidity version greater than 0.8.15. Pragmas are common instructions for compilers about how to treat the source code (e.g., pragma once).

Compile smart contract

  • Switch to the Compiler tab

  • Select compiler version 0.8.15

  • Now, compile helloWorld.sol

  • After successful compilation, it will show a green tick mark on the Compiler tab button

Configure DCC Testnet on Metamask


Deploy Smart Contract to DCC Testnet

In both Testnet and Mainnet, you do the below to deploy your smart contract using Remix.

  • Navigate to the Deployment tab

  • Select Injected Provider Metamask in the Environment dropdown, and your contract

  • Accept the Connect request received in MetaMask. You can also manually launch MetaMask if the popup doesn't open by default

  • In MetaMask, once a transaction is deployed, you will receive another MetaMask pop-up that requires you to confirm the transaction. You just need to confirm the transaction

Congratulations! You have successfully deployed the HelloWorld Smart Contract to the DoCoin Community Chain Testnet. You can start interacting with your Smart Contract. Check the deployment status at

Verify smart contract

  • Our deployed HelloWorld contract address is 0x29786e249C5471ecD53FC02794F894E9a6c70A58

  • Navigate to the HelloWorld smart contract address in the DCC Testnet explorer

  • Find the Code sub-tab and click on Verify & Publish

  • Choose the via flattened source code and continue to the Next

  • Naming the smart contract

  • Select the appropriate compiler version

  • Copy and paste the flattened source code

  • Click Verify & Publish.

  • DCC Testnet will take a few seconds to compile your contract, verify, and publish it.

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